Tuque & bicycle experiences offers touristic and recreational fat bike experiences in downtown Quebec City and throughout Quebec with its mobile fleet since December 2020. The company was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic starting with 12 fat bikes and now has 50.

Tuque & bicycle experiences’ mission is to create unique, human, accessible and authentic winter experiences. Being located downtown (almost flat trails) and through its introductory services, they make fat biking more accessible for all.

The well-being, the pleasure and the safety of our team members, participants and partners is at the center of the organization and thinking behind all activities and experiences launched.

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Our Team

Tuque & bicycle’s team is made up of experience creators who pass on their passion and their happiness through various missions: guiding by bike, advising and serving participants, maintaining the bikes, developing new experiences and rethinking existing ones, animating and getting involved in our community and much more. The majority of the team is present on a seasonal basis, but the goal is to offer year-round jobs very soon.

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Émilie Pelletier, creator of cycling experiences, 23 year old entrepreneur & certified tour guide of Quebec City

I am not an athlete or a great cyclist. I am simply a person who likes to move and pass on the pleasure of staying active. Each activity has been thought out so that everyone who likes to move and who likes to cycle can participate in a safe way regardless of their experience and regardless of the weather.

One thing I promised myself: to serve as I like to be served. It is with friendship, with professionalism, with transparency, with heart and with passion that I serve my clients. I like to think about all the little details that make the difference in serving.

- Émilie, owner

The idea came from my job at Cyclo Services while I was working in tourism during my studies at Cégep Limoilou.

I felt that Old Quebec needed an active and totally unique winter activity like fat biking; an activity that is as revealing for Quebecers as it is amazing for tourists.

I made it my mission to make fat biking accessible to everyone, while creating experiences.

Happiness on two wheels is now a year-round activity in downtown Quebec.

I have always gravitated towards the touristic clientele.

I had more than 5 years of experience in tourism, including two seasons in the bicycle tourism industry in Quebec City with Cyclo Services before launching Tuque & bicycle.

It was my participation in the Propel Your Idea contest at Cégep Limoilou in Quebec City in the fall of 2019 that I felt I belonged. Then, my stay at the EEB (École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce) during March break in 2020 gave me the confidence to launch my business.
I cry about them, I laugh about them, I talk about them, I eat about them… They are my passion!

I spent hours thinking and thinking…

I was looking for a company name that was


-That sounds good in French and English, without using English words to respect my French culture…

-That reflects the bicycle (bicycle), the Quebec winter (tuque) and the services offered (experiences)

A little too long? I admit it’s a bit long as a company name, but it represents me well. Then, to simplify everyone’s life, I chose the domain name quebecfatbike.com hihi.

I’ve been lucky enough to save money by working crazy weeks in previous years and by living with my relatives.

In addition, a crowdfunding campaign was held with La Ruche from November 3 to December 14, 2020;

it’s more than 9 000$ and 182% of the objective that were reached!

Discover our campaign here

My dream is to be an influential entrepreneur and a reference in the tourism industry who brings innovation, authenticity, listening and collaboration in all spheres of the business, through her leadership.

I also dream of being the next generation of tourism businesses; with the experience I have acquired as well as the time I put in daily to grow as a human being, as a leader and as an entrepreneur. I feel that I am ready to receive the torch from those who are ready to pass it.

Of course, I have many other dreams; every day, I move a little closer to their realization.

At Tuque & Bicycle, we expose our dreams so that they can come true.

Amazing partners

Your help makes all the difference in the success of Tuque & Bicycle experiences.


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Discover our other activities and services

Fat Bike Rentals

It is possible to rent a fat bike by the hour at our location near Old Quebec to experience fat biking in complete freedom with our advice and customer service.

Winter Wear Rentals

We offer complete winter outfits rentals that can be delivered anywhere in the Quebec City area: winter coat, snow pants, tuque (hat), gloves/mittens, tubular scarf and much more!

Winter Guided Fat Biking Adventure In Old Quebec (tour)

Guided fat bike tour (3h) in Old Quebec and beyond with a stop for a hot drink and a little treat included.

Introduction To Fat Biking Guided Activity

Supervised activity (1.5 hours) ideal for a first experience of fat biking and discover the snowy trails of downtown Quebec City.

Customized Group Fat Bike Activities in Downtown Quebec City

Let us serve your group in a personalized way to experience a unique and enriching time together.

Mobile Fat Bike Fleet

Now available everywhere in the province of Quebec!

We now transport our fleet of bikes throughout the Quebec City area and the province of Quebec to make fat biking directly accessible to the location of your choice (schools and events).